Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy.

My stomach hurts.

My mind has been in constant prayer mode today.

My face has been a mask for my thoughts because I don't want my daughter to know the horrible thing I know.

My friend had the most horrible, horrific, awful thing happen to her and her children today, truly a living nightmare.

And all I can do is wait.

Wait for news that everything will be okay.

Try to sleep when things are happening 14 time zones away so that by the time I hear the news it will be hours old.

I am selfish as I wait to hear, wanting to hear.

My heart is so heavy for another woman who can only wait, too.

Oh glorious apostle St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the name of the traitor who delivered thy beloved Master into the hands of His enemies has caused thee to be forgotten by many, but the Church honors and invokes thee universally as the patron of hopeless cases--of things despaired of. Pray for me who am so miserable; make use, I implore thee, of that particular privilege accorded thee of bringing visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need, that I may receive the consolations and succor of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly for the Clark family and that I may bless God with thee and all the elect throughout eternity. I promise thee, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, and I will never cease to honor thee as my special and powerful patron, and to do all in my power to encourage devotion to thee. Amen

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