Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 1: Dress Dare Challenge

I was really looking forward to my first day of the Dress Dare Challenge but woke with a heavy, heavy heart. My friend's husband was killed in Afghanistan the night before. Although I spent the day in a skirt, a denim skirt and a t-shirt, my focus today has been in prayer for Susan and her family.

So, yes. I made it through an uneventful Day 1 of the dress dare. I wore a skirt all day. I didn't feel pretty or more feminine. It didn't affect the way I treated my daughter. I was just very, very sad.

Tomorrow, Day 2, is MK's Confirmation day. We will go for mani/pedis and salon hair in the morning. She has to be at the chapel pretty early, 1pm for a 5pm Mass. It will be easy to wear a skirt and then change into my dress.

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