Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Half way through the month of May

I am half-way through the month of May and half-way through my Dress Dare Challenge. 15 days of wearing skirts and dresses and 16 more to go. How do I feel? Really tired of skirts!

No, really. I have lots and lots of beautiful Sunday dresses. However, my Sunday dresses are a little too much for every day wear. I have found myself wearing the same daytime skirts day after day.

I have a basic denim skirt that hits right at my knee. I tend to wear this one with basic short sleeve polo type shirts.

I have a basic kaki skirt that hits right at the knee as well. And when I wear my baskic short sleeve polos with this skirt, I look like I am in a school uniform.

I also had a poly/knit black skirt that hit slightly below the knee. This skirt was an a-line with an elastic waist. When I wore this skirt, I felt like a pentecostal!! Alas, the first time I washed it after wearing it three days in a row, the elastic snapped. I didn't like that skirt much anyways. Today, I picked up an identical black skirt at the px in a size smaller so hopefully I won't feel so pentecostal.

I have some longer broom stick skirts as well but I seem to revert to these three skirts over and over again.

Have I been faithful to wearing skirts every day? Weeeeeellll, mostly. One Saturday morning, I worked out, walked the dog and spent the day frantically cleaning my house for a party the next day. I wore capri work out pants all day-- even to the commissary for a quick shopping trip. Of course, I ran into two of my MCCW friends. Including one friend who was doing the dress dare with me. And what was she wearing? Not a skirt!!!

And yesterday, I spent all day at the beach with my brother and I wore swimming shorts most of the day over my swimsuit. But I did wear a skirt later that evening when I went to a friend's house for a meeting.

So, yes. I have worn a skirt or dress for 15 days in a row.

How do I feel? I like wearing skirts. I think it makes my interactions with others softer. I think other people treat me differently when they see me in a skirt or dress. There certainly seems to be a difference in how service workers interact with me, like sales clerks. Maybe wearing a skirt subconsciously makes me want to be more feminine and softer in my dealings with others.

I really don't know, though. Check back in with me in 16 days.

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