Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What She Said.........

I'm not the only one doing this whole dress dare challenge thingie.

Read what some of my friends who joined the challenge are saying:

From a Hawaii friend:
‎15....days.....down.....S​IGH. I SUPPOSE I should say 14 since I "cheated" the day of my final and wore jeans to the lab. There are days like....well, not today, but maybe where I just want to throw some shorts on. I'm doing ok, but getting tired of wearing the same skirts and dresses day after day after day after day after.....well, you get it. ;) This is a long month. ;)

And another Hawaii friend:
I put on capris one evening to go to the movies (after spending all day at the beach in a dress and swim skirt) & totally felt different! I apparently carry myself differently in skirts and dresses!

And the friend who started it all:
Greetings from Demanda! You may recognize me as the culprit that started this whole thing....
So, I have worn a dress or skirt every day starting 2 days early.... well except the one Saturday that I was so tired, and cleaning, and cooking the entire day preparing to have a farewell party at my house on Mother's Day. On that one Saturday I wore a HUGE sweatshirt and a pair of comfy running pants... I felt guilty nearly the entire time, but since it was something that I would wear to bed and work out clothes, and the weather dropped 40 degrees that morning... I kept my pants on. I have found that I can get away with wearing my little bit dressier dresses because I am going to work or church 6 days a week! But, that also tends to make Saturdays seem all the more a sacrifice! I mean really... I just want to stay in my sweats and sleep all day! And, now that the weather is back down so cold that snowflakes were reported this morning I had to wear the pair of jeans that are the closest thing I have to skinny jeans and pretend that they were jeggings under my polo shirt dress today just so I wouldn't freeze to death in my office! But I noticed quite a few things... 1) you can't wear frumpy shoes with Dresses or Skirts... and since I've been wearing a lot of "church dresses" that means wearing a lot of shoes with heals. After three days in a row of heals my calves were a bit sore! 2) Being dressed nice so often also means putting my face on more often... I never used to wear makeup so often! 3) Pantyhose, you need to make sure that your alligator hands are moisturized and your nails aren't gnarly so that you don't snag them before you even wear them. I've already killed 3 pairs in the last two weeks! 4) Overall posture, whether walking or sitting is better. 5) Dresses and skirts are easier to find good fits in... I put them on and feel better and look better then when I have on pants or slacks because a good fit in pants is just nearly impossible to find. 6) I really love frumpy workout clothes!
7) People are more ready to help a lady in a dress and heals carry the huge water jugs to the car, then they are the lady who just found her way out of the gym... or so they assume. I do Love dresses and skirts more than I thought, but my casual wardrobe is much more summer... not so much for the 40-50 degree days.

Overall the dress dare is really forcing me to be more feminine and thus making a noticeable difference between me and the men around me.

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