Monday, February 13, 2012

Our happy little family is separated by 15,000 miles.
Matt is on his second deployment since we moved to Hawaii in 2009. One year down in Iraq, a little over a year at home with us and now another year in Afghanistan.
He left last month, January.
And despite all of the grand-standing and promises of politicians, He's still going to be gone for a year. I wonder who exactly IS getting those promised 9 month deployments?

MK and I are trying to make the best of it. The last time he deployed, we had just moved to Hawaii, moved into our housing and he left. We didn't have to time to build a support network. We moved into a unit that had already bonded through a previous deployment together. We were outsiders. That was the hardest year of our married life.

This time, we've been here longer and have managed to make friends. But, I still seem to be the outsider.

MK is doing to so much better this time around. She loves her school. She has a happy attitude. She's adjusting.

This time, I am working on self. Boot camp work outs, healthier lifestyle. Trying to stay positive. Get more involved in my community.

I don't feel like I am succeeding, though.

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