Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Dog Part

This is Mousse. He is 100 pounds of chocolate Mousse.

He doesn't know that he is 100 lbs.

He forgets his doggy manners. A lot.

He knows when I have been to Petco and or Ross.

He loves squeaky toys, fetching things over and over again, and pooping in the neighbor's yard. New toys last just a couple of hours before the stuffing is spread out all over my house.

It is his number one mission to remove every single squeaker from his squeaky toys.

He likes to go for walks.

He knows how to spell W.A.L.K. So we tried to say "taking you know who for a you know what".

He knows what that means, too.

I don't walk him anymore. He drags me for a mile and a half.

This is "the Mousse".

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