Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hanging Out

I have forgotten how to hang out.

How do you hang out when all of the people in your immediate circle have small children and your one and only child is a teenager?

How do you hang out with people who are all more than a decade younger than you?

My house is not child-proofed. My 100 pound dog is not child-proofed for that matter. I don't have a play room to send all of the little kids to go play. I can't put the kids outside because that's where the dog needs to be so he doesn't knock them all over in his joyful exuberance to have children around.

When I do have a get together at my house, the small kids end up taking over the living room with our leftover playmobil toys from Germany and a TV turned onto the kiddie shows. That means, no grown-up music to listen to and stepping over small toy parts and small kid parts.

Not to mention mommy conversations tend to revolve around your children. And I'm no longer in the diapering, nursing, terrible two's, potty training, preschool topics.

I want to hang out. I want to dust off my Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker and try out some new frozen concoctions. I want to invite friends over. I want to go over to friend's houses, too.

When you are a 43 year old Army wife with a deployed spouse, how do you make friends to hang out?

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