Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birthdays Last All Month

In our house, Birthdays last all month.
Well, if you are the daughter of the family then your birthday is celebrated the entire month!
Mk's birthday fell on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. My day was spent taking care of things at the chapel for the Easter Vigil Mass that night.
This is how she has celebrated so far:
Thursday: last day of school before the Easter weekend so we made brownie cupcakes to take to school and share.
Friday: Mom and daughter went to get mani/spa pedis
Saturday: Actual birthday. Uncle Brian made her chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast and then she had chocolate cheesecake for her birthday cake. Plus she got to open lots of birthday presents. Later, while I went to the chapel, Uncle Brian took her with him to Kailua to drop off a load of things at his new apartment, then they went to Kailua Bay beach part, lunch at Boston's North End Pizza and back home again to get ready for the Easter Vigil Mass.
Sunday: Easter brunch at Haleiwa Joes in Kaneohe.
And finally this weekend is the actual birthday party with her friends.
So Friday night: sleepover with her two best friends, bowling first, makeovers in her room and some Dance Central and Just Dance 3 on the XBox 360. And they are finishing up by sleeping in the living room while watching a movie.
Saturday: Birthday party at Farrell's at PearlRidge Mall and finish up at Fun Factory.
Will follow up with fun pictures!

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  1. Mary - you know how to celebrate! She's a lucky girl!!!