Monday, March 26, 2012

What a Day!

Oh, what a day!
Mass this morning.
Then a joyful celebration of my friend's baby's baptism. 40-some odd people gathered at her house for lunch. Lots of fun, and lots of little ones.
After that, a 1st birthday party for another friend. I think there must have been at least 20 small kids under the age of 7. Babies crawling everywhere, toddlers toddling everywhere, bigger kids creating with finger paint and playdough, and momma's chasing down children everywhere.
And there I sat with my almost 14 year old and having a thankful moment.
There are times that I am hopeful that God will bless us with more children.
But after today, I am thankful for the place we are now in our childraising time.
It was fun watching all of the babies and all of the little ones. But, it's even funner to come home with my teenager and know that she is mostly self-sufficient.

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